More Game Of Thrones Season 5 Teaser Visions Released

HBO has sent out two new video teasers as part of their “The Sight” viral promotion for Game [...]

got teaser

HBO has sent out two new video teasers as part of their "The Sight" viral promotion for Game of Thrones Season 5. Once again, the videos are infuriatingly difficult to capture, as they are only visible on mobile devices and disappear once viewed. However, some fans were quick enough to capture the videos using separate recording devices, and have uploaded them to the web.

As with the previous teasers, these use a lot of previously seen footage. The promotions name seems to indicate that it is meant to replicate "Greensight." Greensight is a magical ability that lets you see across space and time, into the past, present, and future. We may or may not find out more about this unusual ability, depending on whether or not rumors or Bran's exclusion from Season 5 turn out to be true.

Here the videos that we have, and what we can piece together from viewing:

  • There's a shot of someone carrying a House Stark banner, looking out over a keep.
  • A shot of Arya's feet as she practices her "dancing."
  • Looks like a shot of Brienne and Podrick walking up a hill.
  • A sword picked up, and then knocked out of the wielder's hand. Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like it could be Robb Stark's.
  • One of the crucified slave children marking the miles on the road to Meereen.
  • Oberyn Martell talking – possible arguing – with Ellaria Sand Possibly part of Season 5's flashback scene?
  • An ocean. It's hard to tell its significance for sure, butonespoilery though follow:
    • Book readers know that Tyrion is due for a little boat trip. Could this be the greyscale infected waters that he falls into?
  • The doors to the House of Black and White, as seen in the first teaser.

Here's the second, even harder to make out, and even more vague teaser:

  • Snowy path. Beyond the Wall?
  • Wood burning. A Godswood?
  • A hand wrapping around a sword hilt.
  • Doors to the House of Black and White, again.
  • Spears striking the ground. I believe this is the Unsullied rallying around Dany.
  • Jewelry being crushed. Hard to make out, but maybe it has to do with Joffrey's death?
  • Looks like Jaime leading Tyrion out of the dungeons.
  • A sword in a river. Glare is pretty bad on this shot.
  • Jon Snow sitting with other men.
  • Birds.

As mentioned, hard to make out. There may be other versions of the videos as well, perhaps mixing and matching the clips.

Game of Thrones Season 5 airs in 2015.