Robert Kirkman Lists All The Characters That Will Die On The Walking Dead

TWD Deaths

Robert Kirkman once earned himself a reputation for having no fear of killing off beloved characters. His hit AMC series The Walking Dead built itself on the premise of no characters being safe at any time. While season six seemed to have grown a bit complacent on keeping its core characters safe, Kirkman is promising lots of death with his recent remarks.

In a recent Q&A, Kirkman teased that even Rick Grimes would die eventually, but he is taking his dark promises even further. At Hawaii Comic Con, one young fan took to the microphone to ask the series' writer and creator exactly who and how many characters will die on The Walking Dead before its run concludes and Kirkman didn't hold anything back.

"Rick, Carl, Michonne," Kirkman started out, before rattling off even more death threats to his beloved characters. "In the show, Daryl Dixon, eventually. Abraham, Rosita. Rosita's already dead in the comics. Jesus." Kirkman even congratulated the shocked young fan, applauding him with a "Good question," remark to wrap it up.

Kirkman may be using the idealogy that "we all die eventually," to tease possible character deaths but he also claims to have the end of The Walking Dead planned in his head. The series has never based itself around happy moments or happy endings, so it's entirely possible that we see undead versions of the entire Grimes family stumbling around in the concluding moments and pages of the TV show and comics.


The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October.