Sixth Jason Bourne Movie Being Developed; Jeremy Renner's Storyline is Kaput

The Jason Bourne series regained its box office mojo with its self-titled fifth entry earlier this [...]

The Jason Bourne series regained its box office mojo with its self-titled fifth entry earlier this year, but there are still those who enjoyed the Bourne Legacy, the Jeremy Renner starring fourth entry. Those fans will likely be disappointed by the next film's focus.

Producer Frank Martin recently spoke to Yahoo UK about the series return and was asked if they would ever return to the Bourne Legacy storyline in the future. Martin didn't outright say never but made it pretty clear they have no interest in it at this time.

"Probably not. I don't know. That story is still out there as well but it's not… we're not talking about it."

After The Bourne Ultimatum, series star Matt Damon stepped away from the franchise to pursue other projects, but the potential was too great for the studio to just leave it on the vine, so they did a spinoff project with Renner in the lead role. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver either the numbers or the critical success of the previous three installments, but it still had it's ardent supporters.

Martin was also asked about his lead actor, and how the series will adapt as he gets older.

"I think it's an ongoing thing. Obviously, you have to have a story that fits the actor so if we go on who knows where he's going to go? He's not always going to be the Jason Bourne that he was 15 years ago, but there are a lot of other things he could be doing in that world, so I think that's what's going to be exciting for us to try and explore."

Damon isn't planning on leaping back into the role right away, but if he does make a return, he'll hopefully have some additional dialogue. This newest entry contained a very small 25 lines of dialogue, which Damon was okay with since it fit where the character was at that exact moment.

"Well, I've done it three times. In the first movie, the Marie Kreutz character [Bourne's girlfriend, played by Franka Potente) is still alive, so Bourne has a sounding board and he's more confused about who he is and a lot more chatty" Damon says. "Once she dies in the first act of the second movie, it's really a very lonely character. And we talked about that mostly on the second one. I remember Tony writing me an email saying, 'You do realize what this means? You do realize you're not going to talk in this movie.' I said, 'No, I love that."

Jason Bourne hits DVD and Blu-ray on December 6.