New Star Trek TV Series Titled Discovery; First Trailer Revealed

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 continues to bring some big surprises to fans of geek culture - and few things get more geeky than Star Trek. Even as we speak, the latest film in the series, Star Trek Beyond, is out in theaters and poised to have a solid box office opening; meanwhile, fans have been happy to learn that Star Trek is also making a return to TV, in the form of a series for the online service CBS All Access, with an acclaimed showrunner at the helm (Hannibal's Bryan Fuller).

During a Stark Trek 50th anniversary panel held Saturday at SDCC, Fuller himself revealed what the title of the new TV Series is going to be: Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, fans got to see a first look trailer for the series, which you can view above.

Star Trek Discovery Title Logo
(Photo: CBS)

Also joining the panel were Star Trek alum from various shows, including William Shatner, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Scott Bakula and Jeri Ryan. The general consensus was that Discovery should ago the themes of unity, hope, and discovery (obviously) that Gene Roddenberry envisioned with Star Trek. Of course, that's not a lot when it comes to actual details of the show; interestingly enough, Fuller revealed that it won't be an episodic series, but would rather, "tell stories like a novel," according to Deadline.


Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS main network, before the show moves to the CBS All Access service. It will take voyage in January of 2017.