Star Trek's Zachary Quinto Disagrees With George Takei On Sulu's Sexuality


Yesterday's news of Star Trek's Sulu character having a homosexual orientation has been quite divisive among Trekkies.

Originial Star Trek series icon George Takei, a homosexual man himself, was not very fond of the idea of making John Cho's character gay rather than introducing a brand new character with the sexuality. Writer and star of Star Trek Beyond, Simon Pegg, has already voiced his disagreement with Takei's views and now the current generation's Spock is chiming in.

Zachary Quinto is "disappointed" by Takei's reactions.

"As a member of the LGBT community myself, I was disappointed by the fact that George was disappointed," Quinto said during a conversation with Pedestrian.TV. "I get it that he's has had his own personal journey and has his own personal relationship with this character but, you know, as we established in the first Star Trek film in 2009, we've created an alternate universe."

Furthering his comments, Quinto says, "My hope is that eventually George can be strengthened by the enormously positive response from especially young people who are heartened by and inspired by this really tasteful and beautiful portrayal of something that I think is gaining acceptance and inclusion in our societies across the world, and should be."

Takei played Sulu from 1966 to 1991 in the originial series and through six films but says that yesterday's Sulu revelation way "really unfortunate."


Star Trek Beyond hits theaters July 22, 2016.

(via THR)