Steven Spielberg Plans To Direct Chris Pratt-Led Indiana Jones Film

Pratt Indy

Steven Spielberg, the creative force behind more major franchises than nearly anyone else in Hollywood history, is reportedly hoping to direct a forthcoming revival of the Indiana Jones franchise starring Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, Deadline reports.

It was already rumored that Pratt was in the crosshairs for the role, and it stands to reason; Spielberg's decades-long involvement with the Indiana Jones franchise coupled with Disney's recent acquisition of Lucasfilm make Pratt (who starred in Disney/Marvel's Guardians and will star in Spielberg's Jurassic World) an easy name to pick out of a hat.

The report stresses that the script is in the very early stages, and that it may not come to fruition. Still, the plan at present is for Spielberg to helm the film with Pratt in the starring role.

Recasting Indiana Jones is likely a delicate matter; many fans have already cried sacrilege, and while the general response to Pratt is positive so far, there are fans who would rather see a relative unknown get the part -- or who would rather see it retired altogether.


When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they made no secret that their eyes were on Star Wars, and that Indiana Jones and other properties held by George Lucas were, basically, just nice things to have thrown in. At the time, executives downplayed any plans to continue the franchise, the most recent installment of which hit theaters in 2008 to modest box office success.