The Rock Named #1 International Box Office Star Of 2015

Star Wars could beat a lot of things in 2015 but The Rock wasn't one of them.Dwayne 'The Rock' [...]

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Star Wars could beat a lot of things in 2015 but The Rock wasn't one of them.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 2015 movies electrified audiences worldwide and made him the highest grossing actor of the year at the international box office, totalling $1.48 billion. Johnson's films from last year included San Andreas, Furious 7, and a cameo in Jem and the Holograms. He also starred in and produced the HBO series, Ballers, but that doesn't count towards his impressive box office run.

Only way to start this post is with THANK YOU. WORLD'S #1 INTERNATIONAL BOX OFFICE STAR. I was blessed with this title in 2013 and now again in 2015. $1.48billion is a lot of revenue to generate in our business in only one year, BUT it's also the important reminder that regardless of what we achieve in life, we always gotta keep striving for more, staying hungrier than the rest and being grateful around every corner. This cool global achievement doesn't happen without my amazing family, management, agents, attorneys, publicists, financial management, studio partners, fellow actors, Team Rock and the final two deserving personal shout outs - my dog #HobbsTheBeast and you... THE greatest f*cking fans in the world. Stay hungry and keep working your ass off because one day I want to see the news write a cool report about you and YOUR accomplishments. #LetsGetToWork #ChaseYourGreatness #SevenBucksProductions #1WorldWide #TimeForACheatMeal 👊🏾💯

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The actor earned the honor in 2013, edging out Robert Downey Jr. who starred in the blockbuster Iron Man 3 that year. He is now set to play Black Adam in Shazam! in 2018 and reprise his role as Hobbs in the Fast & Furious franchise in 2017.

The Great One has no plans of slowing down, either. In addition to the aforementioned planned films, he has a second season of Ballers on the way, a docu-series titled Rock And A Hard Place coming soon, and several other movies in development including a Baywatch reboot.

Congratulations, Dwayne Johnson! You earned it.