The Walking Dead 911 Call Audio For Actor Run Over By A Truck

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Earlier this week, reported on an injury that had occurred on the set of The Walking Dead in Senoia, Georgia, which temporarily delayed production. At the time, there were no details on exactly what the accident involved and who the injured party was in the production. Now, audio for the 911 call that occurred after the accident has been released, revealing new details. In the 911 call, a member of the Walking Dead production team can be heard telling a 911 operator, "Emergency on the set of Walking Dead. I need you to send an ambulance, please."  When the operator asks for more details, another voice on the line says, "Someone was run over by a truck on set." While getting run over by a truck might sound like a pretty serious accident, the tone of the callers appears to be very calm, which might indicate the injury wasn't as bad as one might think. When asked about the condition of the injured party, the original caller adds, "He is breathing and conscious. Our medic is taking care of him right now." According to 11 Alive, the injured actor was 20 year old actor Zane Orr, who was playing a zombie on the show. According to the police report, Orr was run over by a two and a half ton military vehicle, when the truck's brakes failed. The truck rolled over the actor's stomach and hips. The good news is that the injuries were not life-threatening, and Orr has already reportedly been released from the hospital. Orr even tweeted out a photo of The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan paying him a visit while he was still in the hospital. Orr tweeted, "The Beautiful @LaurenCohan came to visit me on Sunday in the hospital, such a good heart and nice person." Audio for the 911 call is provided in the video below.