The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: No Way Out

TWD 609 abe

Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha meet a group of Saviors in the road. The Saviors request all of their property and claim it belongs to Negan. There's a standoff. He approaches and requests their sidearms. Daryl first. He abides. Then Sasha, who abides, too. He thanks them. Then Abraham, who doesn't want to abide but does.

He walks away with their guns and Sasha asks who they are. He says it's a good questions and tells them they're going to drive them back to where they came from and get to know each other. He asks for the rest of their stuff. One man escorts Daryl on a search.

Abraham asks who Negan is and the man mocks him and tells him he told him not to ask questions. They usually pop one right off the bat and since he doesn't want to get the wrong impression. He points guns at Sasha and Abraham but stops, saying he's not going to kill them. He changes his mind but then the bikes blow up.

Daryl walks out from behind the truck with the rocket launcher Abraham found. He has a cut on his back. He killed the guy who was escorting him.

Rick and the group continue walking through the herd in Alexandria. Sam looks nervous. Rick stops the group and has a new plan. He says they're not going to the armory but instead their vehicles and they'll go back to the quarry. Jessie points out that Judith is an issue and Gabriel offers to take Judith to the church. Michonne questions him but he stands up for himself and Carl hands Judith over. Jessie tells him to take Sam but Sam insists he is staying with his mom and begs to stay. She allows it. Gabriel assures Rick he'll keep Judith safe and he heads back into the herd toward his church. Jessie assures Rick that Gabriel will make it. Rick takes Sam's hand and the group starts again. Carl takes Ron's hand.

Tara and Rosita argue about helping Denise but Rosita insists they can't just go out there and leave Morgan and Carol behind. Carol wants Rosita's gun. Morgan starts to wake up and he asks where the Wolf is and Carol comes to the conclusion that he took Denise. Rosita responds by handing over her gun.

The Wolf and Denise are in hiding. Glenn and Enid enter the church. Glenn searches for supplies and tells Enid how to do the same. "Faith without words is dead" the wall reads above the door. Enid tells Glenn that when she wanted to run he told her that's how you lose people even after they're gone. She asks what that means and he tells her that people you love made you who you are. If you stop being you, that last bit of them that's inside of you is gone. She asks who those people are to Glenn and he says his parents, Dale, Hershel, Andrea, and Tyreese. She admits that for her those people are her parents.

The Wolf tells Denise that when there's an opening they'll mak a break for the tower. She tries to tell him she'll slow him down but he insists he needs her and maybe he wants her.

Glenn tells Enid to stay behind. She insists on coming with him to save Maggie. She's just going to follow him anyway. Glenn allows it.

The Wolf tells Denise she was right about him not being born this way. She was right. He's changed and now he's going to help her change.

Enid finds a gun and tells Glenn it's time to go find Maggie.

The Wolf tells Denise it's a gift and she'll see it one day. Or maybe she won't. Denise sighs.

It's night. Walkers are still in Alexandria and Rick and the group continue through them. Sam remembers Carol's words and gets scared by the zombies. He sees a little boy zombie and freezes. He starts crying. The group urges him to continue but a trio of walkers starts to devour him. Jessie screams as she holds onto him. Walkers notice them. Walkers devour Jessie and the group looks on. Rick is deeply saddened by this and he remembers happier moments with her. She won't let go of Carl's hand. Rick raises his axe and cuts off her hand. Ron points his gun at Rick but Michonne stabs him through the back. He fires the gun and falls to the ground devoured. Carl is bleeding from his face and says, "Dad?" before falling to the ground. Michonne slices through the horde as Rick carries Carl.

Eugene sits with Rosita. He tells her they're going to have to fight their way out. She tells him he won't be one of the ones to fight their way out.

The Wolf notices that the walkers are heading towards the gunfire. Denise tells him the reason his friends are dead is because they tried to put up a fight. He tells Denise they're going to get up the guard tower and leave the Safe-Zone. She doesn't need to be afraid according to him. He tells her to start moving and they rush to the post. He kills one last walker and one grabs Denise. The Wolf kills it but is bitten by another on his forearm. Denise tells him she'll save his life if he gets her to the infirmary.

Carol looks at the crowded streets through her window. Morgan walks up and the noise causes her to draw the gun but she puts it down when she sees him. Morgan says, "You had a child, right? A husband?" Carol is silent. "I didn't want to hurt you. I just had to stop you," he goes on. She tells him, "You saved him for you. Not us." She says she should've killed Morgan. Morgan tells her she can't.

The Wolf and Denise enter a house. She uses his belt to quarterize his arm. They continue through the streets. Carol shoots him from a balcony and he takes out a walker with him on his way down to help Denise escape.

Denise runs into the infirmary where she finds Aaron, Heath, and Aiden. They see Rick and Michonne running with Carl. Denise takes a deep breathe and starts sending out orders to the men. Rick pleads with her to save him. He looks out the window and sees walkers. He draws his axe, opens the door, and goes outside.

Rick starts slicing zombies left and right with his axe.

Michonne insists Rick needs his help. She kisses Carl on the forehead and runs outside with the three men. Rick is still slicing up walkers and he now has help.

Alexandrians watch from inside their houses as talkers go down one by one. Eric and Olivia rush to help.

Father Gabriel watches from a church window. He hands Judith to an Alexandrian and grabs his machete. Tobin asks Gabriel what he's doing. Gabriel says they've been praying to save Alexandria and he says God has given them the courage to save it themselves.

Rosita, Tara, Carol, Eugene, and Morgan prep to go help Rick. Rostia insists Eugene doesn't have to come and he insists he does and this is a story people are going to tell. Rick finds the Wolf and apologizes before putting him down.

Glenn and Enid find Maggie and her post is falling. Glenn starts firing his gun to attract attention as Enid climbs the post. Enid and Glenn watch as Glenn is seemingly devoured by walkers. Abraham and Sasha mow them down with machine guns and Abraham asks him to unlock the gate.

Glenn gets into the truck with Daryl and they try to think of a plan.

Rick, Michonne, Heath and others continue to take down walkers.

Daryl starts pouring gas into the sewage lines. The walkers are seemingly endless and the survivors are being backed into a corner.

Abraham drives the fuel truck and Daryl launches as rocket into the pond filled with gas igniting a huge flame which attracts the walkers. The walkers head right into the fire and start burning up. The survivors fight to kill as many walkers as the can in the most epic zombie killing montage of all time.

Alexandria sits on the porch of the infirmary covered in blood.


Inside, Rick tells a bandaged Carl he was wrong. He thought the Alexandrians couldn't learn but today he saw what they could do. What they all can do if they work together. "We'll rebuild the walls. We'll expand the walls. There's gotta be more. Everything Deanna was talking about is possible. It's all possible. I see that now. When I was out there with them, when it was over, when I knew we had this place again, I had this feeling. It took me a while to remember what it was because I hadn't felt since before..." Rick tells Carl. "I wanna show you the new world Carl. I wanna make it a reality for you. Please, Carl, let me show you."

Carl's fingers wrap around Rick's hand.