The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Talks Daryl's Death And Redneck Fish People

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With The Walking Dead's writers and producers propensity to kill off the show's main characters, many Norman Reedus fans have worried over the possibility of their favorite character Daryl Dixon meeting his untimely end. The slogan "if Daryl dies, we riot" has become a popular phrase on t-shirts and posters. At a recent press event, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman even told us that fans might actually wind up getting Daryl killed, because he took the message of "if Daryl dies, we riot" as somewhat of a dare. Kirkman said, "But specifically about the Daryl thing–that fan reaction is going to get him killed. I feel like it's a dare. Like, 'Oh, really? You're gonna riot? We'll see…we'll see. No one is safe." Norman Reedus was recently kind enough to answer a couple questions for, and we'll have the entire exclusive interview for you soon. But in the meantime, we thought we would share what Norman Reedus had to say in regards to the possibility of Daryl's death on the series. When we asked Norman Reedus for his response to Robert Kirkman's comments about possibly killing off Daryl, Reedus said, "I would be very bummed. I think it's silly to think any one of these characters on the show are invincible, it's a dangerous world and Daryl has a lot to discover as do all the players." When we followed up that question by asking Norman Reedus how he would like to see Daryl go out on the series if The Walking Dead writers and producers did ever decide that Daryl's time was up, Norman Reedus answered, "What's with all these death questions? Maybe, I can be found by a harem of sirens that can sing to me and pet my head. I could become their sex slave and populate mermaid land with redneck fish people." So rest easy Norman Reedus fans, because even though it's a dangerous world on The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon could just as easily wind up hooking up with mermaids as he could getting eaten by zombies. Hmm... Reedus' idea about redneck fish people actually sounds like it has spinoff series potential. Could we see Daryl Dixon & The Redneck Fish People among AMC's 2014 shows? Norman Reedus will be appearing at The Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, November 2.