The Walking Dead Showrunner Says Negan Will Be Brought To Life Straight Out Of The Books


All of the pressure in the world is on the showrunners and producers of The Walking Dead's TV series as they approach the long-awaited arrival of Negan. Negan is the most infamous villain of The Walking Dead's comics and his issue #100 introduction is one of the most iconic moments in comic book history.

How Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays the ruthless leader of The Saviors will make or break the character, who aside from his acts of violence, is largely defined by his profanity-laced language. The Walking Dead's showrunner, Scott Gimple, says viewers will "see [Negan] brought to life straight out of the books." No, he won't be able to use the F-word and every other profanity he loves to toss into every single sentence but that should be an indication of what to expect from his horrific arrival and the events which follow.

Negan is not the only threat going forward on the series. While "the question of whether you can get through this life without blood on your hands remains open," according to Gimple, has says we will also see "Some of the scariest people in the back half of the season are our people."

"These characters are at their strongest right now, but the problem is, the threats of the world are also at their strongest. We'll see these immovable objects meet," Gimple teases.

Much like Greg Nicotero's recent comments, Gimple hints that the upcoming episode will be tough to swallow. "The back half of the season will involve some crying and screaming at the TV set," he claims.

The Walking Dead returns February 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

source: TV Guide