The Walking Dead: [Spoiler]'s Supposed Death Will Be Addressed First Half of Season 6

(Photo: AMC)

Spoilers ahead for "Thank You," this Sunday's past episode of The Walking Dead.

Oh, did you hear? Glenn and Nicholas found themselves in a nasty situation, trapped on both sides of a fence by the Herd, a zombie horde so large it becomes a force of nature. They climbed onto a dumpster, where Nicholas shot himself in the head, fell into Glenn, and both fell down into the herd. As Glenn screamed, guts were torn out and devoured by the walkers.

So did Glenn die or not? Well, that's the question that's being debated all over the internet, with the next natural question being: when will we find out?!

Well, Scott Gimple, the showrunner of the top rated show on television, told THR that "it will be addressed this half-season." That means sometime in the next 5 episodes, between now and November 29, 2015's episode 8, we'll find out exactly what happened to Glenn, and if he survived that fall, what happens next.

"I'd say sooner rather than later," Gimple went on to tease. "People will know pretty damn quick."


That could be as early as next week, though the way the show has operated so far, with three episodes all taking place in one day, and bouncing between groups for stories, it might be put off for a couple of episodes. Next episode, titled "Here's not Here" will focus on the backstory of how Morgan survived and eventually came to Alexandria.