The Walking Dead: What Song Does Beth Sing To Baby Judith?

Beth Greene

After baby Judith starts crying and screaming on the "Infected" episode of The Walking Dead, Beth Greene sings to her to try to calm her down. As is often the case with The Walking Dead, the lyrics of the song she sings match with the mood of the show. Beth sings, "When I'm lying in my bed at night, I don't wanna grow up. Nothing ever seems to turn out right. I don't wanna grow up.  How do you move in a world of fog that's always changing things? Makes me wish that I could be a dog. When I see the price that you pay, I don't wanna grow up. Nothing ever seems to go my way. I don't wanna grow up. The only thing to live for is today." After Beth stops singing, Michonne remarks, "Some lullaby." Beth explains, "I just sing her what I like. I figure it's better than Ashes or cradles falling out of trees." So what is the song that Beth likes? It's a Tom Wait song called "I Don't Want To Grow Up," which was also recorded by The Ramones. Interestingly enough, Beth didn't get the lyrics exactly right, and the part she leaves out would have been a good line for the show. Instead of "I don't ever want to be that way," Beth sings "Nothing ever seems to go my way." She also leaves out the line "Seems that folks turn into things that they never want." Could the line about forks turning into things have been left out intentionally? Maybe, the show writers didn't want to provide too much foreshadowing suggesting that baby Judith would turn into something, like a walker.