Will Negan's Backstory Be Told On Fear The Walking Dead?

With Negan making his mark in Sunday night's season six finale of The Walking Dead, fans have been [...]

FTWD Negan

With Negan making his mark in Sunday night's season six finale of The Walking Dead, fans have been and will stay in an absolute state of anxiety wanting to know and see more of the big bad played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Negan, the leader of the Saviors, surely has a dark and mysterious background. He has managed to brainwash an impressive number of people to follow his every word in the apocalypse. He's even managed to claim some of their wives as his own.

However, we've never seen Negan's rise to power. His story will be told in a prequel comic in The Walking Dead's comic book world which slightly varies from that of television. On TV, though, how will his history be told?

While it's a very unlikely candidate, The Walking Dead's companion and somewhat prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead could be a great place. A crossover has been all but completely ruled out by the show's producers but the idea of Travis and Madison running into Negan somewhere along his path to power on the east coast is one that no fan would turn down.

One of those fans is Fear star, Mercedes Mason.

"That would be pretty incredible especially because we're just now meeting him on that show," Mason says. "I'm totally caught up on The Walking Dead, by the way. I am genuinely a fan of the show so we're just now starting to meet Negan over there, and who knows what he has done prior?"

Her co-stars agree.

"I'd like to see that," says Nick actor Frank Dillane, but he's up for any sort of Easter egg connection to his show's older brother. "I'd like to pass the hospital and out of the corner there's old Rick Grimes. I'd like to see that, but apparently they're not going to do that," he says.

"I think that's cool," Lorenzo James Henrie, who plays Chris on Fear, agrees. "I'm only told so much information, but because I know how the fan-base is with The Walking Dead and the Fear the Walking Dead fan-base, I think people would absolutely love to see that. I would be all for it. I just saw that The Flash and Supergirl just did a crossover, which was really cool because I love The Flash."

Alycia Debnam-Carey and Colman Domingo, who play Alicia and Strand, respectively, were more level headed on the topic. "I think like everyone, any kind of crossover would be so awesome," Debnam-Carey admits before quickly to point out the unlikelihood of any interaction with The Walking Dead. "[The producers are] basically saying, 'No, it won't happen,' but I think everyone has a bit of hope. I watched this first four seasons of The Walking Dead before I got on this show, and I was completely obsessed. I was always thinking like, 'Oh, my gosh. What if this happened or what if this happened?' I guess we could always hope."

"I think we're just getting caught up with ourselves," says Domingo. "If we all of a sudden got introduced to characters from Walking Dead, first of all, I don't know, who knows maybe...I have no idea. I feel like we are still just trying to get ourselves sorted. I wouldn't mind, I think it would be interesting to have a crossover at some point. I think that we're still, I think The Walking Dead is still finding its own sea legs and finding its own way of telling stories. That I think it's great to keep these worlds, you know, be separate worlds. But I think at some point, it would be very cool in some ways, even if it was a dream sequence."

The likelihood of Negan or any other character appearing on Fear the Walking Dead is extremely unlikely, all things considered.

"I don't think they're going to end up at Alexandria," Dillane admits. "No. I can't say where they're going to end up, but it's not there."

However, a villain of the sort is not unlikely. The Walking Dead has previously encountered a menacing villainous figure in the Governor only to find themselves pitted against Negan down the line. A central villain of Fear the Walking Dead doesn't sound like something the show will be rushing into but it's certainly not something the cast is ruling out.

"I don't know how long a villain would last, but I think absolutely we're going to need some villains along the way," says Mason. "People are going to want what we have, and when you need something you'll go to any length to get it. So, I can guarantee we'll meet at least one or two unsavory characters who are not going to have the best intentions."

"I think that there will be plently of villians," says Dillane, with Henrie adding, "I think with Fear, they do it in a little bit of a different way though. I think they do it with more themes, because they are traveling. They are interacting with different people. I think they're on the move, they're on the move, they're on the move. I think the villain is really the outside world, is people's interior tragedies are the villains, the demons that are eating them inside. I think as you progress throughout the season, the villains are really themselves and what's eating them away. I think you are going to have some characters that are these villainous characters, but also it's through their interior arcs that are really going to be their own worst nightmare."

"I think at some point, I think it will rear its little ugly head I think," Domingo explains. "But I think, at the moment, everyone, I think right now we are still dealing with a group of humans that are still on the throws of the beginning of this."

Debnam-Carey is the most skeptic of a central villain rising to power of Fear. "I'm not quite sure," she says. "Our show is so different in the way that we were never based off comics, so the same arc types aren't necessarily present. Ours are really based more on discovering this as we go."

The Walking Dead's season finale airs tonight at 9 PM ET on AMC and Fear the Walking Dead takes over the time slot on AMC starting next Sunday.