Power Rangers: Why SPOILER Had To Die In Shattered Grid

Shattered Grid has finally hit, and it packed one heck of a wallop for Power Rangers fans.

Spoilers incoming for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25, so if you haven't read it yet you can always check out our spoiler-free review here.

We good? Good. So, the end of Power Rangers #25 delivered something the Mighty Morphin Rangers have never had to encounter, the death of one of their own. The team of Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Dafna Pleban, and Brian Casentini sat down with ComicBook.com to chat about why Tommy Oliver had to die, and what it meant for Shattered Grid.

"From an emotional standpoint, it has to do with who Lord Drakkon is, and what he is trying to achieve, and what motivates him," Higgins said. "And those are all things that we haven't yet really shown readers. And I think that's what, part of what excites me about Shattered Grid the most, is that to this point, for Drakkon, he hasn't really done much."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

"He's been in a couple issues, but as far as who he is beyond just being older, evil, alternate Tommy, we haven't shown that much," Higgins continued. "And he has seemingly been resonating with fans. So to get to dive into more of his makeup is something that I think is really cool and I'm excited for people to see. And that, once you understand more about him, you'll understand, you'll understand emotionally what killing Tommy means."

The death will also have a major effect on the other Rangers, who have grown close to Tommy since he joined the team.

"I would also say that from the Ranger team's perspective, this is something they have not experienced before: the loss of one of their own," Higgins said. "And just when it happens, it is when everything changes, and now when they're at their lowest, they're going to have to come together and work through it for the sake of reality."

Tommy's death will also have a big impact on Drakkon's abilities, allowing him to wreak havoc on the universe.

"From a logistics standpoint, the events at the end of issue 25, the death of Tommy, the supercharging of the green chaos crystal that allows Drakkon to move between dimensions and worlds, the arrival of Jen Scott. That confluence of events breaks things," Higgins said. "And as we're going to see, as readers are going to see in issue 26, that breaking is what allows for Shattered Grid to happen."

Oh, and for those who think Tommy will be back by Shattered Grid's end, Higgins says not to bet on it.


"Let me be clear, he is dead," Higgins confirmed."

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