'Go Go Power Rangers' Team Explains Zordon's Heartbreaking Decision

This week's issue of Saban's Go Go Power Rangers had plenty of memorable moments, but one of the most emotional ones was delivered courtesy of Zordon and Jason, and the team behind it broke it down for us.

Spoilers incoming for Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #10, so if you haven't read the issue yet you can check out our spoiler-free review right here.

ComicBook.com had the chance to chat with Go Go Power Rangers writer Ryan Parrott, BOOM! Studios Senior Editor Dafna Pleban, and Saban Brands Director of Power Rangers Content Melissa Flores to talk about the latest issue, including one poignant and heartfelt conversation between Zordon and Jason.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

The moment in question features Jason talking to Zordon about his dad, who Jason just learned is very sick. Jason tells Zordon he knows the rules regarding this sort of thing, but in a very vulnerable moment asks if Zordon can make an exception just this once.

"To me, the scene just came out of asking the logical question, "If someone I love is sick and I had access to a place with advance technology beyond even my comprehension, could they help and would they help?" I just keep reminding myself, these are teenagers," Parrott said. "These are kids. They're still finding their way; and, I really like the idea that Jason, in a weird way, is asking Zordon for help."

"He knows he's being selfish," Parrott continued. "He even says it, "Look, I know I shouldn't be asking; but, I really want it and can I have the thing that I want?" And so it prompted the answer; which was if Zordon does have ... Zordon has the ability to beam people. They have really advanced technology, stuff we haven't even seen. And so, if he has all that, why hasn't he given it to us? He's there to protect Earth, why hasn't he shared that which could help? It just made me go back and look at his ... the rules of the Rangers, which is the non-escalation, keeping your identity a secret the whole time."

While Zordon genuinely shows sympathy towards Jason's situation, he makes a difficult choice not to interfere. Zordon explains that being a Sage means letting humanity achieve things naturally while defending it from threats that would look to hinder that. This conflict allowed Parrott to explore Zordon's motivations in a much deeper way, bringing some answers to long-held questions to light.

"It led to the Jurassic Park doctrine, which is like, "if you don't sweat and bleed for technology, you won't respect it," Parrott said. "So I thought that sort of lined up ... I thought that was an interesting concept for Zordon to say "I'm here to help you; but sometimes, that means helping you and keeping things that I know will hurt you". Like he's a parent to the world."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

"That's the thing that I liked about it, was this idea that it asked a question that I had always wondered about, and then it gave me insight into the character," Parrott said. "I never really thought about why Zordon wouldn't do it; but then when I was able to sort of dig through it, it was all consistent with the Zordon that we've seen in the series as well.

If you've watched the original series, Zordon's view of his role in humanity's future has never really swayed from this, and can even be seen in the core Mighty Morphin series as well.

"And consistent with the Zordon we've seen in the other books as well," Flores said. "If you think back to the BOOM #20, of the main series, where you actually see the 1969 Rangers and you see Grace argue with him, "You're not going to let us keep this stuff? We could do so much more." And he's like, "No." It's just such a consistent character throughout, and I think that's the magic of this character. And the magic of both Kyle and Ryan, in that they work so well together to keep these characterizations consistent throughout. Even without thinking, without trying, it just happens. That's how talented they are."

The good news is this conflict will continue to be explored in a big way, as Parrott teased these are the seeds for some other upcoming events in the book.

"And if I can get in trouble, I'm just going to say it," Parrott said. "This is something that I definitely wanted to ... I'm setting up to explore in the future, just FYI. That's all I'll say. I'm saying this is a set-up. It's a tease."


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