Time Force's Red Ranger Reveals What DC Hero He Wants To Team-Up With

The Power Rangers can more than handle themselves in a fight, but that doesn't mean there aren't [...]

The Power Rangers can more than handle themselves in a fight, but that doesn't mean there aren't other heroes they would love to team-up with.

Power Rangers Time Force's Red Ranger Jason Faunt stopped by ComicBook.com to chat about his time as a Ranger. When asked what hero he would choose to team-up with for a fight, the choice was easy.

"I've always been a big Superman fan," Faunt said. "I grew up with Superman, I've always been a Superman fan, so that's always my go-to when people ask that stuff."

While Superman is his pick for a team-up, he did also reveal that he has a fondness for a certain superhuman speedster. "I think it would have been cool to play Flash if it was my own doing, but Superman," Faunt said"

It's hard to fault him for going with big blue. Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe, but aside from that, he is perhaps the most iconic superhero ever. From his compassion and belief in humankind to his vast array of powers, it's easy to see why he is the hero of choice.

Fans actually got to see this team-up play out a bit in the recent Justice League/Power Rangers series, though Faunt's Wesley Collins was not a part of that. The Justice League actually met the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers instead, teaming up to take down the heavyweight team of Brainiac and Lord Zedd.

The series did quite well, so we can't be the only ones who want to see the League do a little time travel right? That adventure could be quite epic, so here's hoping the two heroes meet someday.

As for Faunt, many are hopeful he'll have a part to play in the upcoming 25th-anniversary episode of Power Rangers, which will take place as part of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. The actor teased big things for the upcoming episode and even gave fans a small hint that he is a part of it.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel debuts on Nickelodeon next year.