William Shatner Celebrates Star Trek's 53rd Anniversary

An important mission log is being recorded by one of the first captains to ever greet Star Trek fans. Today, the beloved sci-fi franchise turns 53 years old, and William Shatner is celebrating the beginning of Star Trek's legacy with fans online.

Taking to Twitter, the star posted a short message honoring the anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series. On this day 53 years ago, the first episode of Star Trek was released with Shatner leading the team as Captain Kirk.

"Happy Anniversary, Star Trek," the actor wrote. Shatner also posted a photo of himself on the Bridge from the original series, and he looks as confident as ever sitting in the Captain's Chair.

With the franchise now 53 years old, fans are taking the time to look bak at all the things Star Trek has accomplished. The series ranks up with Star Wars as one of the most-recognizable sci-fi titles to ever hit the screen. Creator Gene Roddenberry had no idea how successful the series would be when he pieced it together, and it has gone on to rule pop culture time and again. Star Trek has spawned more than five TV series along with a handful of films including J.J. Abrams' blockbuster reboots. From video games to merchandise and animated series, Star Trek has done it all, and there is still more to come.


For instance, CBS is still investing heavily in Star Trek as a slew of shows are in the works. Not only is Star Trek: Discovery at work on season three, but Jean-Luc Picard will return in a series all his own this year. An animated TV series titled Star Trek: Lower Decks is also in the works, and fans can expect more bold projects to drop in the coming years. And who knows? Maybe the series will come knocking on Shatner's door before long to bring him back into the franchise for a victory lap.

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