'Star Trek: Discovery': All the Clues That Led to That Lorca Twist

Did last night’s Lorca reveal take you by surprise? There’s every reason you should have seen [...]

Did last night's Lorca reveal take you by surprise? There's every reason you should have seen it coming.

SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery, "Vaulting Ambition," follow.

A video put together by CBS that first aired on After Trek has been released online. The video highlights all of the hints that led to the reveal the Gabriel Lorca is from the mirror universe.

The first clue was Lorca's fixation on Michael Burnham. Lorca never adequately explained why he went out of his way to save Burnham from imprisonment and make her a part of his crew. After that he was singularly focused on her well-being and potential. It turns out that was all because of Lorca's relationship with the Burnham of the mirror universe.

Another clue was Lorca's strange behavior with Admiral Cornwell, who was supposedly an old friend of his. Lorca clearly did not remember the anecdotes that Cornwell was reminiscing about during their romantic evening together. What's more, Lorca had scars on his back that Cornwell did not recognize. It turns out those are scars from an agonizer booth. Lorca also sleeps with a phaser under his pillow, which is not uncommon behavior for someone from the mirror universe.

The next clue was how Lorca managed to manipulate Stamets into making so many jumps with the spore drive. He then dodged questions about how they ended up in the mirror universe, brushing aside Saru and Burnham's desire to analyze the data by saying it was simply the result of pushing Stamets too far. However, it was Lorca himself who punched in the final jump and set it off by saying he was going "home." He even sabotaged Stamets' recovery by taking Culber off his case in order to make sure the Discovery was in the mirror universe for the foreseeable future.

Some other details include how the dish Lorca is dining on in the prime timeline is the same as the meal served to Burnham in the mirror universe. The final clue was learning that all humans in the mirror universe are averse to bright lights, just like Lorca.

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