Star Trek: Discovery Pizza Cutter Visits the Pepperoni Planet


Way back in 2010, ThinkGeek debuted a Star Trek Pizza Cutter that was based on the USS Enterprise from The Original Series. You can still get one here on Amazon for $34.99. However, for the same price you could have the brand new version based on the Crossfield-class starship USS Discovery from the Star Trek: Discovery series.

You can order one of the Star Trek: Discovery pizza cutters here at Toynk for $34.99 with free shipping. It's made of stainless steel, and the tapered nacelles make it easy to grip.

Now you can imagine yourself as the Captain of the USS Discovery, exploring a universe that is made entirely of pizza planets (and the occasional brownie moon). Sometimes your journey might take you to strange new worlds where you will encounter enemies like the dreaded pineapple and anchovy.


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Star Trek: Discovery is now streaming on Paramount+. You can keep tabs on all of the news about Season 4 of the show and beyond right here.

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