Star Trek: Discovery Kills Off SPOILER

Star Trek: Discovery says goodbye to one of its newest characters in today's new season three [...]

Star Trek: Discovery says goodbye to one of its newest characters in today's new season three episode, "There Is a Tide…" SPOILERS for the episode follow. Earlier this season, Star Trek: Discovery introduced viewers to the Emerald Chain, a syndicate formed through an alliance between Andorian and Orions, with Osyraa leading the group. The Emerald Chain has been a constant thorn in the side of Starfleet in the 32nd century. When Michael Burnham and Phillipa Georgiou rescued Book from an Emerald Chain work camp, they also picked up another prisoner name Ryn, an Andorian with valuable information about Emerald Chain.

Ryn eventually reveals to Ensign Tilly that the Emerald Cain is running out of dilithium. That desperation became evident in last week's episode, "Su'kal," when Osyraa personally led a mission to capture the USS Discovery and its unique spore drive.

In this week's episode, Osyraa takes the Discovery back to the United Federation of Planets headquarters to force an alliance between the Federation and the Chain. When things don't go as she planned, she returns to Discovery in a foul mood. She ends up taking it out on Ryn. When the Andorian defies Osyraa and refuses to work for her again, Osyraa kills him without warning.

Noah Averbach-Katz played Ryn. The Andorian's death brings a close to the redemptive arc that Averbach-Katz told about during an interview earlier this month.

"I think that Ryn's story is a redemption arc, which I think are so prevalent in Star Trek," Averbach-Katz said. "I think Star Trek does redemption arcs so well because so often they're either complicated or they're tragic, or they're incomplete, which is very much true to life.

"Often in Star Trek, the redemption arcs don't end with the person getting everything that they want, or saving everyone, or doing everything perfect all of a sudden. A lot of the time, those redemption arcs end with some sort of tragedy, or with a failure, or that things aren't perfect, but they can be better. And I think that sort of taps into the larger Star Trek ethos, which is trying your best to do your best, even if it fails, and that the trying, the attempt to do better, to continue the attempt to be better, whatever that might mean to every individual person, is as important as the end result of how it turns out."

The season finale of Star Trek: Discovery debuts next Thursday, January 7th, on CBS All Access.