Star Trek: Discovery's Jump Into the Future Is a One-Way Trip

At the end of Star Trek: Discovery's second season, the ship and the show jumped forward 930 years into the future. In doing so, the show went from being a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series to the furthest future point in Star Trek canon. According to the show's new co-showrunner, there's no turning back for Discovery.

"Correct, we're there and we're living there," said Michelle Paradise at the TCA press tour. Paradise joins Discovery co-creator Alex Kurtzman as co-showrunners in Discovery's third season. Her comments seem to confirm that Discovery will continue to explore the future of the Star Trek universe for the remainder of its run, however many seasons that may be.

Following Discovery's panel at San Diego Comic-Con, star Sonequa Martin-Green spoke about what it means for the show to jump to the front of the line in Star Trek canon.

"Well, the beauty of going into the future – boldly, I might add, pun intended – is that everything is new," Martin-Green says. "So everything you will see will be new. And we were able, blessed, to shoot in Iceland for the first episode of season three and you are going to see a world that you've never seen before and we are not in Terralysium. We did not end there like we planned. So, now we have to figure out where we are, when we are, and who we are at this point now. So it's very innervating, to say the least, to be able to build canon moment to moment."

She also hoped fans disappointed by Discovery being a prequel rather than picking up in the timeline where Star Trek: Voyager left off will be pleased by this trip to the future. "This world is very interesting and it's intoxicating and it's exotic because it's brand new and what happened in this world and — I heard a lot of people say when they found out we were going to be a prequel, they said, you know, 'Well, what happened after Voyager?' You know what I mean? "Did nothing happen after Voyager?" So it's so exciting to be from the but also come here. Anything can happen."


Are you excited to see the future of the Star Trek universe in Star Trek: Discovery's third season? Let us know in the comments section. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is now filming in Toronto. It is expected to debut on CBS All Access in 2020.