Star Trek: John de Lancie Teases We'll Be Seeing More of His Q Soon

Star Trek actor John de Lancie is teasing that fans could be seeing him back as his iconic godlike entity from Star Trek: The Next Generation, sooner before later. Lancie was recently doing a Cameo message for a fan, in which he teased the following about his future in the franchise: "Oh and by the way, here is a little stocking stuffer… You are going to be seeing more of me. Cheers. Merry Christmas. And let's just cross our fingers that 2021 is going to be better. It just has to be better than 2020." There are several possibilities for where Q could show up - all of them exciting.

First, some fans are speculating when the message from John de Lancie was recorded for Cameo. It could arguably be referring to his recent appearance on the Star Trek animated comedy series, Lower Decks, in S1E8 "Veritas". However, that was back in September, so it seems unlikely the recording for Cameo was that old.

The other easy answer is that Lancie's appearance on Lowe Decks was well-received enough for the actor to have already booked a second gig on the show. However, as sites like Trek Movie point out, the actor did says that we will be seeing more of him - as opposed to just hearing more of him, or seeing more of "Q." It could indeed be that his terminology was very purposeful, and that he is teasing an upcoming appearance in a new Star Trek project.

Star Trek John de Lancie Teases Next Q Appearance Picard Season 2

Obviously, most longtime Trek fans would be excited by the prospect of John de Lancie reuniting with Patrick Stewart in the next season of Star Trek: Picard. After all, it was Q's particular fascination with Jean-Luc Picard that made the character such a breakout on Star Trek: TNG. The Q's trials of humanity (deemed an inferior, savage and dangerous species) made for some of the better philosophical quandaries that TNG and its characters had to tackle. Seeing the timeless entity confront Picard and co. decades later would arguably make for one of the more exciting episode concepts that Star Trek: Picard could explore.

Facing Q is always a mind-screw for Jean-Luc. After season 1 of Picard, the esteemed Starfleet icon was forced to abandon his organic body for a next-gen synthetic one. Q would probably have a field day judging where humanity's path has led - and questioning whether Picard was still fit to serve as its defense attorney, now that he's technically no longer human.


Where would you like to see Q (and/or John de Lancie) show up next in Star Trek?