Star Trek: Picard Reveals First Look at Hugh

Star Trek fans, prepare to meet the new Hugh. Jonathan Del Arco played the Borg taken in by the Enterprise crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He's returning to the role in Star Trek: Picard. Now CBS All Access has revealed the first look at Hugh in the new series, and he looks different than he did in The Next Generation. Like fellow human-turned-Borg Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Hugh seems to have had most of his Borg implants removed, revealing a more human appearance. You can take a look at Del Arco as this new Hugh in the photo included below (via TVLine).

With a month to go until the premiere, it seems CBS is firing up the promotional machine for Star Trek: Picard. This first look at Hugh follows a new trailer that dropped earlier this week. The trailer offered a new look at the Borg, a glimpse at Ten-Forward, and teased a Vulcan mind-meld.

Star Trek: Picard continues the story of Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but producer Alex Kurtzman has said that this series is a different experience from the series in which Stewart originated the character.

(Photo: CBS)

"You know, we feel a tremendous responsibility to the fans who have loved [the Picard character], and Patrick himself, who took a massive leap of faith with us in choosing to come back and play Picard [after] he said he was done forever," Kurtzman said. "He also said, 'I want to make sure if I come back, if you loved TNG, you'll feel we're honoring it, but this is a very different experience.' This is really a very different experience. It looks incredibly different, the kind of storytelling is different, but if you're someone who's never watched it at all, it's been built for you to come into it and get to be dropped into this very emotional story about this captain who's in the late stage of his life and is dealing with the sum total of all his choices.

"It also has an incredible new crew — incredible, to a person, they're all so wonderful. And we have now started showing it to the studio, and they're thrilled with it, so that gave us a lot more confidence that we've hit the mark. We've now watched five episodes with Patrick and he's thrilled with it too. Because he was so happy with it, it makes us feel like it honored what we promised."


What do you think of Hugh's new look in Star Trek: Picard? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek: Picard debuts January 23rd on CBS All Access.