Star Trek: Picard Season 1's Full Soundtrack Is Now Available

The full Star Trek: Picard Season 1 soundtrack is now available. Lakeshore Records already published "Chapter 1" of the soundtrack. Rather than making the rest of the soundtrack its own release, as Lakeshore did with its two-part Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 soundtrack, the remainder of Jeff Russo's score has been added to the existing Star Trek: Picard Soundtrack on streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Tidal. The soundtrack now stands at 55 tracks long, including Isa Briones' rendition of "Blue Skies." Those who purchased the "Chapter 1" can receive the remainder of the soundtrack as a free download from Lakeshore Records.

The soundtrack also, of course, includes Russo's opening theme for the series. Russo explained his approach to crafting the track in a featurette previously released by CBS All Access. 'When I first started sitting down to write the main title I went through a lot of different iterations in my mind," Russo said. "But the moment I sat down and played this one melody that is sort pervasive in the main title I sort of knew, 'Ok, this is now what I think the theme for Picard is, the melody that will sort of go along with Picard throughout the series and in the main title and all this stuff.' Once I had that, then it was just a question of trying to fashion it in a way that felt right for the show."


Here's the full track listing from the new release:

  1. Star Trek Picard Main Title (1:43)
  2. Star Trek Picard End Title (1:44)
  3. Walking With Number One (1:16)
  4. Dahj Activates (1:10)
  5. Dahj And Picard Speak (3:54)
  6. Dahj's Last Fight (1:51)
  7. Picard Decides (1:46)
  8. The Painting (2:58)
  9. Twins (4:15)
  10. Picard Requests Help (2:15)
  11. Romulan Collusion (2:21)
  12. Trouble For Picard (1:18)
  13. Rafi Decides To Join (1:51)
  14. Rafi Turns Down Picard (2:06)
  15. Sizing Up Rios (4:15)
  16. Happier Times (3:25)
  17. Leaving With Elnor (1:52)
  18. Mystery Ship (3:10)
  19. Picard Goes Back (2:08)
  20. Picard Leaves Elnor (1:41)
  21. Soji And Narek Waltz (4:42)
  22. Home Movies (1:52)
  23. Jurati And Maddox (1:55)
  24. Leaving With Maddox (3:47)
  25. Seven Needs Revenge (3:02)
  26. What's Your Emergency (1:25)
  27. Page (From Short Treks "Children Of Mars") (1:58)
  28. Children Of Mars End Credits (From Short Treks "Children Of Mars") (1:43)
  29. Jurati and Rios Get Close (2:37)
  30. Raffi Calls Bosch (3:26)
  31. Raffi Opens Up (1:34)
  32. Borg Cube (4:28)
  33. Looking For Picard (5:10)
  34. Walking Around Nepenthe (2:25)
  35. Picard and Riker Reunite (2:34)
  36. I Was Human (3:04)
  37. Elnor Fights Narissa (2:47)
  38. Picard Bids Farewell (5:01)
  39. Tal Shiar Admonisher (2:46)
  40. Staying Close (2:59)
  41. Rios Feels Lost (2:06)
  42. Hologram Meeting (1:06)
  43. Raffi and Rios Talk (4:40)
  44. Rios and Picard (3:13)
  45. Unexpected Visitor (2:32)
  46. Leaving the La Sirena (2:51)
  47. Sutra Arrives (4:23)
  48. Narek Escapes (8:07)