Star Trek: Prodigy to Release on Nickelodeon This Summer

Star Trek: Prodigy is coming to Nickelodeon this Summer. Friday July 8th is the big day on the network. The crew of the Protostar are blasting off into broadcast television. 8 PM ET will see "Lost & Found" air on Nick. Dal and his crew have been a big hit for Paramount on their streaming service. New viewers will find the all-ages adventures exhilarating. (As an added bonus, there will be a shorter wait for most of the Season 1 run as a lot of it has aired on Paramount+ already!) Older fans will appreciate the return of Kate Mulgrew's Captain Janeway as she directs the young Starfleet cadets on their journey. After the episodes drop on Nick, they will become available on the Nick app, Nick On Demand, and Nicktoons.

"Generations of fans around the globe love Star Trek, and we're so excited to introduce our young audience to the franchise when Star Trek: Prodigy airs on Nickelodeon this Summer," Claudia Spinelli, Senior Vice President, Big Kids Animation, Nickelodeon wrote. "The Nick DNA is woven into the heartwarming friendships, high-stakes action, and beautiful animation, making this series a perfect fit in our content library."

Here's how Paramount+ describes the animated Star Trek series: "Developed by Emmy® Award-winners Kevin and Dan Hageman (Trollhunters and Ninjago) the CG-animated series Star Trek: Prodigy is the first Star Trek series aimed at younger audiences and will follow a motley crew of young aliens who must figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search for a better future. These six young outcasts know nothing about the ship they have commandeered – a first in the history of the Star Trek Franchise – but over the course of their adventures together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents."

Alex Kurtzman, series executive producer, said that Prodigy presented a massive opportunity for the franchise when the series was announced. 

"Star Trek is about so many things that are formative: the idea that our best selves will emerge in the future, the idea that our better angels will lead us to an optimistic place where all the things that divide us now are gone, in the rear-view mirror," Kurtzman explained. "What I love so much about Star Trek is that each generation that finds it keeps finding that message again and again." 


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