Leia and Luke Ride Speeder Bikes in New 'Star Wars' Funko Pop Figures

Star Wars and Funko Pop fans will undoubtedly be excited to see this. Pop Deluxe figures of Leia and Luke riding speeder bikes!

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(Photo: Funko)

If you would like to recreate the Endor chase scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on your desktop, you can pre-order the Princess Leia figure here. The Luke Skywalker version is actually a chase variant, so you’ll have a one-in-three chance of getting him when you order. I’m guessing this is going to be a hot one, so secure yours while you can. Plus, it should arrive by Christmas!

As I recall, Funko released a Luke with land speeder and Han Solo with tauntaun figure a while back, but they were limited exclusively to Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box and now fetch premium prices. Hopefully, we’ll see variants of these figures down the line, but if you’re getting into Funko collecting you should probably consider signing up for one of its subscription box themes.