Seth Green Voicing New 'Star Wars Rebels' Character

With Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels in full swing, the animated series has pulled out all the stops to send the show off with a bang. It was announced earlier this week that actor Seth Green will appear in Monday night's episode.

In the episode, entitled "Crawler Commandeers," Green will be voicing Captain Seevor, the owner of a crawler that members of the Ghost crew attempt to commandeer to reach out to Hela in hopes of getting assistance. This isn't the first time Green has lent his voice to the Star Wars canon, having previously voiced Pantoran Ion Papanoida and Cad Bane’s droid Todo 360 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

While the contributions aren't canon, Seth Green also helped develop multiple Robot Chicken specials dedicated entirely to lampooning Star Wars. Green's passion for the saga was evident in the way he lovingly poked fun at the series, leading to a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Green, along with Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich.

Senreich revealed the ease of the initial partnership when speaking with ScreenRant earlier this year, noting, “Because it was just one guy: George Lucas. He saw our show and he was the one to approach us, like, 'What do you guys want to do with us?' It started a multi-year relationship."

Sadly for Senreich, things didn't stay that way, revealing, "When he sold the company to Disney, it changed the relationship…it comes down to corporations playing with each other. As much as we know those people, and they like us and we like them, we are dealing with billion dollar companies that couldn't care less what we think and how well we know each other.”

Another sacrifice that the minds behind Robot Chicken had to make when Disney purchased Lucasfilm was the animated series Star Wars Detours. Much like their stop-motion series, Detours lovingly lampooned the saga, but with longer-form narratives instead of a series of shorter sketches.

Following the announcement that new films were being crafted, Detours was shelved indefinitely, as the humorous tone of the series didn't serve as the best introduction to the saga for younger audiences.

Catch the all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels when it premieres on Monday at 9:00 PM ET on Disney XD.

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Star Wars RebelsMonday at 9:00 PM on Disney XD

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