Star Wars: Oscar Isaac Jokes That The Rise of Skywalker Reactions Had Him Crying in the Shower

Much like every Star Wars film before it, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has resulted in a divisive reaction from fans and critics, with star Oscar Isaac joking that the negative responses left him "crying in the shower." The actor went on to note that he was well-prepared to handle any and all negative reactions from fans, as the nature of the franchise means putting your work out there and not all fans connecting with it. Based on previous remarks the actor has made, it would seem that, regardless of the reactions, he's happy to move on from the galaxy far, far away.

"You know, it was the same on the movie before that as well," Isaac shared with MTV News. "You know people — it means a lot to people."

He added, "Look, was there some crying in the shower? Yes!"

Looking specifically at reviews submitted to aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, of the nearly 100,000 users reviews, 86% of them are positive while critic reviews sit at only 52% of almost 500 being positive. While fans and critics don't always agree about a film, such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi having 91% of its more than 400 critical reviews being positive while only 43% of its more than 200,000 reviews are positive, having the Skywalker Saga end on such a conflicted note has definitely left a disappointing feeling with many audiences.

While some of the stars of the series have hinted that they would be open to returning to the franchise based on a number of conditions, Isaac has been claiming since before the film even landed in theaters that he isn't planning to reprise his role of Poe Dameron ever again.

“[I’m] happy and feeling fulfilled that the task is complete,” Isaac shared with Variety. “So I can’t imagine what it would be that would make me want to redo this thing or revisit it.”

While the actor noted he couldn't imagine returning to the franchise, in other interviews, the actor has been far more direct.

When asked by Collider if Isaac was interested in continuing Dameron's journey for Disney+, the actor definitively said, "Nope." Co-star Keri Russell then asked if he would have the same reaction if he was offered $3 million an episode, and Isaac confirmed, "Cashing in my chips."


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters now.

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