Mark Hamill Sets Record Straight On Freddy Krueger 'Star Wars' Story

10/22/2018 01:48 pm EDT

For years, an urban legend has been spread about Mark Hamill's audition for Star Wars, crediting Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund for being responsible for the casting of Luke Skywalker.

But now Hamill has come to set the record straight, clarifying what actually happened that lead him to audition for the role of Luke Skywalker after a fan asked if the urban legend was actually true.

One fan asked Hamill about a meme that spread around, stating that the actor was staying on Englund's couch. The future star of A Nightmare on Elm Street had just auditioned for the role of Han Solo and returned home to see Hamill staying on his couch, telling him to try for the part of Luke Skywalker. And in a hilarious twist of fate, Englund did not get cast while Hamill did, impacting their careers forever.

Which would be interesting if it were actually true, but as Hamill himself (get it?) states, it's not that simple.

Hamill's agent had already set him up for the role, and the actor had his own place at the time he landed the gig in Star Wars. But of course, the other story sounds much more interesting and it's presented as a super slick meme, it's no wonder that people would continue to perpetuate the myth.

Hamill has had a steady career as Luke Skywalker, which recently saw a resurgence thanks to his part in the new Star Wars trilogy. And though his character might have passed on in The Last Jedi, fans can expect to see Hamill show up in some capacity in Episode IX.

People have been badgering the actor on social media about any hints, spoilers, or details he could give about the new movie, prompting Hamill to make a declaration on social media:

"I mention keeping my Star Wars opinions to myself & what happens? It triggers an avalanche of questions about the next one! All can is yes, I'm in it. Other than that, just consider it: EPISODE NEIN COMMENT," Hamill wrote.

Unfortunately, it sounds like we'll have to wait until the next movie's release date before we learn more about the plot.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to premiere in theaters in December 2019.

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