Disney Registers ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Line of Alcoholic Drinks

An official line of Star Wars-inspired alcoholic beverages is coming from Disney, whose Lucasfilm banner filed trademark applications securing rights for nine adult drinks, The Blast reports.

The drinks, likely to be served at the previously announced Oga’s Cantina found only at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park expansions, include:

  • White Wampa
  • Ale Gamorrean
  • Ale Gold Squadron Lager
  • Trandoshan Ale
  • Toniray wine
  • Andoan White wine
  • Spice Runner Hard Cider
  • Corellian Red wine
  • Imperial Guard wine
(Photo: Disney / Lucasfilm.)

In keeping with the unprecedented level of theming and immersion, the cantina serves as a notorious local watering hole on the smuggler’s planet of Batuu, home to the seedy Black Spire Outpost, where pilots, bounty hunters, smugglers, locals, and galactic travelers alike congregate, teases the Disney Parks blog.

This establishment, operated by alien proprietor Oga Garra, will see pitstops from Stormtroopers and “familiar faces” who surprise patrons as they sample concoctions crafted with “exotic ingredients using ‘otherworldly’ methods, served in unique vessels.” Despite the shady characters within, the cantina is open to space travelers of all ages and offers appropriate choices for both children and adults.

Included among the amenities is quirky and talkative droid DJ RX-24, the former StarSpeeder 3000 robo-pilot first encountered in Star Tours, who provides “unique” music for the cantina’s wildly unpredictable clientele.

(Photo: Disney / Lucasfilm.)

Elsewhere, Batuu visitors can visit milk stands specializing in farm-fresh blue milk and green milk, hailing directly from Bubo Wamba Family Farms. Additional snacks will be available throughout the land, including Kat Saka’s Kettle market stall, home to a sweet and salty popcorn treat called Outpost Mix. Other food stops include Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs’ traveling diner, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, and Ronto Roasters, operated by meat-cooking former smelter droid 8D-J8, who fires up exotic meats within a recycled podracing engine.

“Just as our theme parks have evolved since Disneyland opened, so have our guests’ desires,” Disneyland spokeswoman Liz Jaeger said in a statement when it was learned Disneyland would for the first time serve alcoholic drinks outside its private dinner club Club 33. “Providing a memorable guest experience that exceeds our guests’ expectation is very much the essence of what Walt Disney set out to achieve, and we feel that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will offer that kind of experience.”

Like the entirety of Galaxy’s Edge, all food and drink stops are from out of this world, as are the multiple stores set to feature First Order and Resistance-inspired designs.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31 at the Disneyland Resort and August 29 within Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort. Look to ComicBook.com for continued coverage.



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