Dora and the Lost City of Gold Composers Want to Score a Star Wars Movie

The Star Wars universe has become known for some pretty iconic music cues over the years, and it looks like two veteran composers would love to be a part of that. recently spoke with John Debney and Germaine Franco, who served as co-composers on the upcoming action-adventure Dora and the Lost City of Gold. When asked if there was a franchise or IP still on their bucket list, the pair quickly agreed on being part of a certain galaxy far, far away.

"I'll go out on a limb." Debney, whose work also includes Iron Man 2 and The Jungle Book, revealed. "I want to, I would love to do a Star Wars movie with Germaine Franco. That's what I would want."

"That would be awesome," Franco, whose filmography includes Dope and Disney/Pixar's Coco, added.

"Because, and for not maybe not the most outrageous reason, but I think there is greater strength in having a team." Debney continued. "And when you're working with somebody as I am with Germaine, who's my friend, who I respect directly, I think some interesting music could come out of those kinds of partnerships. And I for one would love to do that, you know. That's just my two cents here."

"I really feel the same way with John." Franco added. "I enjoy the huge, epic adventure franchises, and I think it's great that Dora's now become that, the adventure movie."

That collaboration can be experienced pretty significantly in Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which reinterprets the iconic world of Dora the Explorer for a whole new audience.

"I'm most proud of our collective work together, you know, Germaine and I were worked so thoroughly and every day, daily, at the, when we saw it all together, I think we were both really impressed that our styles worked so well together." Debney told us. "And I think I'm most proud by how we integrated these instruments, these ancient instruments, and we kind of created a score that is a big adventure score but it's also infused with all these great colors of other cultures."


"Yeah, I think what's really great about it besides the fact that we had our two voices, our sound, become one cohesive score was the way that we worked with so many different varieties of musicians and cultural styles." Franco added. "Because we have the epic, huge adventure cues, and there are emotional cues, and then there are the indigenous sounding cues. And so we had these incredibly trained orchestral players, and then the next two hours later we had the indigenous chanting going on, and we had the choir. So it was just a whole experience of putting them all together and collaborating that was, for me, a fantastic experience.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold arrives in theaters this Friday, August 9th.