'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Fathier Space Horses Are Available to Buy Now

(Photo: Disney)

I haven't seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet, so I don't know the full story behind the "space horses" known as Fathier. They did show up in various marketing materials for The Last Jedi however, so there doesn't appear to be anything particularly spoilery about them. What I do know is that a plush version exists, and it is adorable.

Sure, the Porgs are getting all of the attention when it comes to merchandising, but the Fathier plush can give them a run for their money. If you know a kid that loves horses, this would be a very interesting gift idea. What kid wouldn't want a majestic space beast buddy?

The Father plush measures 15-inches tall and features a faux fur covering, embroidered features, and as vinyl saddle accent. You can grab one here for $19.95 with standard shipping until December 18th. Needless to say, they really need to make a rocking space horse version sometime in the near future.


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