No, Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Did Not Join TikTok

Mark Hamill is one of the best things about social media, especially Twitter. The actor known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is always posting fun content about the franchise that made him famous. In addition to Twitter, Hamill is also pretty active on Instagram, but he did quit Facebook last year. Despite being present on a couple of social media sites, don't be fooled by the fake accounts out there. Hamill took to Twitter today to inform folks that he is not on TikTok, despite some fake accounts claiming to be him.

"Don't be fooled by this phony account posing as me! It's sad people pretend to be me just to get attention. #NotHamillHimself," Hamill shared on Twitter. You can check out his post below:

Hamill may not have posted the above video on TikTok, but he did recently share it on Twitter. In the post, Hamill revealed he is in Serbia is to film his upcoming movie The Machine, which he'll be starring in alongside comedian Bert Kreischer. The movie will be based on a real-life story Kreischer has told in his stand-up sets about getting involved with the Russian mob while studying abroad during college. The movie will follow Kreischer 20 years later as the mob connections from his past catch up with him and get him and his father (Hamill) kidnapped.

As for Star Wars, Hamill recently took to social media to ask fans to vote for Luke Skywalker's cameo in Star Wars: The Mandalorian for "the TV Must-See Moment" of 2020. This year, the BAFTAs are teaming up with Virgin Media for a fun fan contest that could earn one fan a big BAFTA night in. "This year, we're bringing the Virgin Media BAFTAs to you. For your chance to win a VIP kit, vote for the TV Must-See Moment that brought you and your faves together in 2020," Virgin Media's website reads.

"This is the ONLY @BAFTA category chosen by the public in the UK. It would be an honor if the fans picked Luke's surprise appearance to pick up Grogu as a Must-See. If you wish to vote go to & thanks for being the best fans in the Galaxy," Hamill tweeted.

You can currently watch Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney+.