'Saturday Night Live' Used Real Kylo Ren Costume for Matt the Radar Technician Sketch

For 40 years, Star Wars has been one of the most beloved, and most parodied, pieces of pop [...]

For 40 years, Star Wars has been one of the most beloved, and most parodied, pieces of pop culture. When Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live to celebrate the release of The Force Awakens, one of the show's most popular segments was "Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base," where Driver played Kylo Ren assessing the working conditions of the First Order. The skit was so authentic, the TV show even used the actual screen-used costume for the sake of the parody.

"One of my favorite things we ever did was 'Undercover Boss,'" writer Taran Killam told The Star Wars Show. "With Undercover Boss, it's actually Kylo Ren's costume. They shipped out the Kylo Ren hero costume. We got to touch and sniff and chew on it a little bit, and then get smacked away."

Killam isn't the only one who loves the sketch, which caused many fans to get crafty to show their appreciation.

"I own 'Matt' action figures, and an action figure of myself, custom made," Killam revealed.

Since the sketch was made to celebrate The Force Awakens, which was directed by J.J. Abrams, the show had to work closely with the filmmaker as to get the appropriate tone for the sketch. Now that Abrams is directing another installment, Killam is hoping he gets a call from the casting department of Episode IX.

"Now that J.J. is back on board, I'm really gonna push to have him put my character in the background to make me canon," Killam joked.

More than being a writer who lampooned something going on in pop culture, Killam explained that he's always had a deep connection with Star Wars and the sketch was created with love.

"It is significant, clearly, to so many people and is its own mythology and is its own religion," Killam explained. "Since I can remember, I've been a fan. My mom and dad would go out on date nights and bring me Star Wars action figures. I've had toys my entire life."

Hopefully we get another installment of the hilarious sketch to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it premieres in theaters December 15.

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