Star Trek Vs Star Wars Debate Ends In Assault Arrest

With some, the Force is strong. With others, the goal is to live long and prosper. When these two types of people meet it ends in... an assault charge?

A pair of possible roommates -- or, at least, former friends -- had a battle for the ages according to an Oklahoma City Police Department report. Jerome Dewayne Whyte, 23, was arrested for assaulting Burke Bradley Warren, 19, for having opposing views on which title was superior between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Here's what the official police report has to say about the situation...

"The victim and another male inside the living facility later identified as AR were in the living room. While in the living area, the AR and victim started to argue about whether Star Wars or Star Trek was a better movie. During the argument, the victim became so frustrated that he went back to his room and stated, "You're just a trick," to the AR. The AR didn't appreciate that comment and followed the victim into his room. He physically shoved the victim down to the ground. After the victim was shoved to the ground, he got up and said, 'You wanna replay that?' and the AR once again shoved the victim to the ground. Once the victim was shoved, this time the AR began to choke the victim. The AR used his left arm to wrap around the victim's neck. Due to the impact, both the AR and victim fell to the ground. Once both of them were on the ground, the AR started to apply pressure and choke out the victim. The AR was successful and the victim went in and out of consciousness. The victim stated to me his vision started to get hazy due to him being strangled. At this point, the victim was fearing for his life and he reached for a pocket knife on his night stand. He opened the knife and told the AR to back up because he would defend himself. During some point of this, the AR reached for the victim's knife and somehow cut his hand. After the AR cut his hand, he got off of the AR and walked out of his room."


The office concludes, "Based on my investigation, I was able to conclude that the AR was the aggressor in this altercation."

Still, there is no word which side of the fight was representing Star Wars or which side was rooting for Star Trek. Luckily, photographs were taken by Lt. Wright and the department will be able to get to the bottom of the situation.