Star Wars: HIlarious Kylo Ren Easter Egg Everyone Missed in Cartoon Network Series

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters and fans are left to parse out the movie’s various themes and allusions. Not many fans notice that a Cartoon Network show had snuck in a pretty hilarious Kylo Ren reference until someone pointed it out on Reddit. We Bare Bears is a program chronicling the adventures of three bear brothers and them trying to find their way through life in the big city. When Grizz is trying to don a mask during one episode, he stands in front of a poster for a wrestler named Rylo Ken. The design of the poster shows off the popular Adam Driver meme that sprung up after The Last Jedi of the actor shirtless with that chest on full display. It’s so playful, but also indicative of how much Driver looked like an old-school wrestler at that moment on-screen. (Wrestling physique standards were different back then.)

A lot of people had questions about Kylo Ren’s motivations after The Rise of Skywalker and writer Chris Terrio was there to provide some context for the fans.

“Kylo says ‘Kill the past,’ but remember, it’s the bad guy that’s articulating that," Terrio reminded fans. "‘Kill the past’ is not the voice of the film. That is what any number of dictators would say. I feel that although Kylo Ren is always saying “Kill the past,” that is his blind spot. He doesn’t want to face the past. he doesn’t want to face what he’s done. He doesn’t want to betray the legacy that he’s come from in joining the Dark Side,” he said. “I even think Rian would probably take issue with the idea that ‘Kill the past’ is the voice of the director. I think you don’t write characters that way, or write characters in a meta-conversation with another film.”

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Terrio also chose to reveal that the fan reaction to The Last Jedi did not influence how the creative team chose to shape the Rise of Skywalker.


“Just as anyone would have an argument as they’re leaving in the car about what should’ve happened, what they liked, what they didn’t like, of course, the creators of the next film have those same arguments about what they thought were the strongest things, what they thought was promise unfulfilled, what they thought was a good dangling plot thread that could be picked up,” Terrio continued. “Of course we hear the reaction of fans, but the objective of this movie wasn’t to amalgamate all the fan opinions and then take a vote on what should happen. It was to go in a direction that J.J. thought could come to a really surprising and satisfying ending.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters right now.