Star Wars: Clone Wars Reveals Ahsoka's Role in Pivotal Revenge of the Sith Jedi Scene

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has aired its penultimate episode, "Shattered", on Disney+. With Clone Wars now acting as an interquel to the events of Star Wars: The Revenge of The Sith, season 7 episode 11 picks up after the events of Ahsoka Tano's duel with Darth Maul, as the Republic and Jedi Order finally hit that dark point in the Skywalker Saga: the execution of Darth Sidious' "Order 66". Needless to say, things get hectic quick for Ahsoka - but before the action commences, we get another revealing deeper insight into the events of Revenge of the Sith - via expanded look at a key scene from the film.

Warning - Star Wars: The Clone Wars SPOILERS Follow!

The opening act of "Shattered" sees Ahsoka departing from Mandalore with Maul as her prisoner, bound for Coruscant to where the crimeboss will face the Jedi Council. Before she leaves Mandalore, Ahsoka is invited to a holographic meeting with Jedi Council. Clone Wars then replays the key scene of Revenge of the Sith where Mace Windu talks to Yoda and the council regarding his concerns about Palpatine not surrendering power as promised. The staging of the movie scene ends with Yoda's "Grave care, we must take," line, but Clone Wars continues the scene with the reveal that Ahsoka then walked into that same meeting.

Yoda examines Ahsoka, to see if she's perhaps come back toward the Jedi Order. Ahsoka insists that she's still a citizen, but inquires to know where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are. Windu and Yoda inform her that the two are off possibly ending the war - though Windu also lets it slip that Palpatine could be a threat. Ahsoka presses to learn more about what's happening to Palpatine, but Windu refuses to divulge, as she is just "a citizen."

Star Wars Clone Wars Revenge Sith Connections Ahsoka Tano Jedi Council Scene

This nice bridge with that key scene in Revenge of the Sith now expands the Skywalker Saga to show just pivotal Ahsoka Tano's role really was. Ahsoka knew from Maul that Darth Sidious was trying to turn Anakin, but she chooses not to tell Yoda and Windu, having lost trust with the Jedi. Ahsoka and Maul's shared Revenge of the Sith interquel story has only enriched the drama of the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars series, adding more layers to the 'Wheels of Fate' themes of Anakin Skywalker's fall, Luke and Leia's rise, and Ben Solo's rise, fall, and re-rise (and fatal re-fall).


Star Wars: The Clone Wars will stream its final episode on May the 4th, only on Disney+.