Star Wars: The Bad Batch Producer On Series' Jedi Connections

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+, bringing fans the further exploits of Clone [...]

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+, bringing fans the further exploits of Clone Force 99, the enhanced clone soldiers that became breakout hits of the final season of The Clone Wars. The Bad Batch premiere episode "Aftermath" is set during the pivotal moment when Order 66 was issued by Darth Sidious/Palpatine, and the Galactic Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire. As it turns out, Clone Force 99 occupied an equally pivotal place in that moment of Star Wars history, as their enhancements made them both independent-minded to resist the Emperor's programming - but also the perfect soldiers to take down Jedi.

In an interview with, Star Wars: The Bad Batch producer Jennifer Corbett shared a bit about how the Jedi will factor into the events of the series:

"Well, it's the dark time for the Jedi right now, as we've seen with Order 66 being executed," Corbett explains. "People already sort of know that story, and know what happens to the Jedi and how it takes years for anyone from the Order stand against the Empire."

Star Wars Bad Batch Spoilers Jedi Connections Explained Interview
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Under the newly updated Star Wars Universe Timeline, the "Reign of the Empire" era is becoming an increasingly attractive playground for Star Wars creators to play in. So far, "Reign of the Empire" only includes Solo: A Star Wars Story, and The Bad Batch; as Corbett points out, it's the lack of Jedi during this time period that offers the chance for creators to have a lot more room to explore other kinds of stories in the franchise:

"I think it was freeing to be able to continue the story of the clones, because it doesn't feel like their story was over just yet," Corbett says. "And now that the Jedi are - in the Bad Batch's eyes - the Jedi are gone, and what does that mean for the galaxy moving forward, and what does that mean for them? Because really, that was the Republic. Not that they were very close to the Jedi, but they definitely brought order. And now everything has changed... I love the freedom and the uncertainty that is in this time period."

Indeed, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is unique in that it isn't about the rise of heroes combating evil, as no such noble heroes and/or movements yet exist (the Rebellion is still years away from taking shape). And unlike Solo's story of how the Star Wars underworld took shape under the Empire, The Bad Batch's protagonists have no clear "good" or "bad" nature to them. As Corbett says, their story is wide open to be molded however the creators choose to. That makes it exciting for us Star Wars fans and viewers, as well.

That all said, The Bad Batch premiere definitely features a key Jedi subplot, so we already know they will play some kind of role (however minor) in the show.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+.