The Most Expensive Item at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Costs More Than a Car

The Black Spire Outpost marketplace within Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the Disneyland Resort offers for sale huggable creatures, customizable droid sidekicks, and handbuilt lightsabers, but the souvenir that will cost you the most credits is a life-size custom astromech unit priced at $25,000.

On display within Droid Depot, where guests assemble their own interactive and remote-controlled droids priced at $99, is a faithfully recreated R2-D2, whose movie accurate tracks located just outside of the shop are one of the many Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the 14-acre land.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge R2

Buyers purchasing the life-size R2-D2 can customize its appearance, choosing whether Artoo appears shiny and clean or battle-worn and dirty. Like its carry size counterparts, the unit is controlled by remote.

When visiting the parts station, guests select from a variety of components when building their droid: a BB-Series is comprised of a dome, dome connection plate, body sphere, and a motivator, while R-Series droids are comprised of a dome, body, center leg, and a set of side-legs.

Also available for purchase are personality-affiliation chips and other accessories, at an additional charge, to better customize your droid and truly make it your own. Because the land is highly interactive and encourages involvement, your Bluetooth-powered droid is capable of communicating with other droid units as well as select other elements and objects throughout Galaxy's Edge and at Disney parks and resorts.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Stormtrooper armor

A less expensive — but still one of the pricier collectibles — is a life-size suit of First Order Stormtrooper armor, found within First Order Cargo just opposite the Milk Stand. The armor is screen accurate and costs just under $7,000.

Also available exclusively at Galaxy's Edge is a unique and free souvenir to act as proof of your visit to the galaxy's hotspot.


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is now open at the Disneyland Resort. No reservations will be required after June 23. The Florida version of the land opens August 29 within Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.