How Harrison Ford Reacted to 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

While some fans might think that their own opinion of Solo: A Star Wars Story will be the most important, many have wondered what original Han Solo actor Harrison Ford thought of the origin story. Director Ron Howard recalled Ford's comments about the movie, which focused on praise for star Alden Ehrenreich's interpretation of the character he helped create.

"I had never heard Harrison effusive about anything, and he was raving about it," Howard shared with Variety. "He said, 'Alden nailed it. He made it his own.'"

Ford is notorious for viewing the saga as little more than a career opportunity, so the confirmation that he commended newcomer Ehrenreich makes his reaction feel all the more exceptional.

Both the new and former Solo had a hilarious interaction recently when Ford interrupted Ehrenreich's interview with Entertainment Tonight unannounced, one of the first interactions the duo had since before production on the film ever began. The interviewer couldn't help but get Ford's comments about the film.

"I just thought it was spectacular," Ford revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "I thought [star Alden Ehrenreich] was so smart about what he did and how he did it. I just couldn't be happier."

Given that Ehrenreich was present for these comments, some might think Ford was attempting to be polite, though Howard echoing Ford's comments seem to confirm that those were his genuine reactions.

Ford might enjoy the new chapter in the saga, though, according to Ehrenreich, the actor still can't let go of his disdain for Return of the Jedi's Ewoks.

"That might be true, yeah. He was kind of like, 'Wait, what is it? Who's directing?' He barely knew what was happening," Ehrenreich shared with Jimmy Kimmel Live when discussing how Ford might be the cast member least interested in the Star Wars franchise. "He still doesn't like the Ewoks. I think that's a big thing for him. He hates Ewoks. It's like FAO Schwartz, he didn't like them."

One reason that Ehrenreich may have been able to make the character his own is that Ford reportedly offered little insight into how to approach the iconic scoundrel.

"We were about to start shooting and I felt like, ya know, it didn't feel right to do it without meeting him. Originally, it was gonna be me and the directors and the head of the studio and stuff and then, scheduling it, it was just me. I met him in his airplane hangar with five airplanes surrounding us. And then we went out to lunch. He was awesome," Ehrenreich recalled. "He said, if anyone asks, tell them I told you anything you need to know and that you're not allowed to say anything, which was good."

Fans can see Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters this Friday.


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