Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 Unboxing

Are you one of the many Star Wars fans out there who instantly fell in love with BB-8 when you watched Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens? Wouldn't it be cool if you had your own adorable droid to hang out with every day?

Well thanks to Spin Master, you're now as close as you've ever been to having your own lovable sidekick, just in time for the holidays!

Meet Hero Droid BB-8 -- a fully interactive, nearly life-size replica of BB-8 who can do all kinds of amazing things! If you'd like to see him in action, feel free to click the video at the top of the article to watch a live demonstration of all the things BB-8 can do!

When you first take Hero Droid BB-8 out of the box, it's very important that you let him charge for about 3 hours before you play with him. Once that's out of the way, there are three different modes you can choose to interact with him:

  • Voice Command Mode: First off, you can direct BB-8 with voice commands and he will respond to a few key phrases, including a few favorite lines from The Force Awakens like "Move Ball" or "Droid Please". Each different phrase will warrant a different reaction from Hero Droid BB-8. You can even tell him to "stand guard," and BB-8 will scan the room for intruders!
  • RC Mode: Hero Droid BB-8 also comes with RC Mode, where you can move him using a remote control. In RC Mode, you can move BB-8 forward, back, left or right.
  • Follow Me Mode: And finally, probably the best mode for showing off your Hero Droid BB-8 is Follow Me Mode. Simply attach the remote control to your side, give BB-8 a chance to lock in on the signal, and he'll follow you anywhere you go. Just make sure you use this mode in larger open areas to avoid BB-8 running into walls or other objects.

At any time, Hero Droid BB-8 can randomly display any of the following moods: bold; sad; sassy; happy; scared; or, curious.

Disclaimer: even though BB-8 can do all of this awesome stuff, naturally, there are still a few things that BB-8 can't do simply because the technology isn't there yet. Will BB-8 help you do your taxes? No. Will he make food runs for you? Unfortunately not.

But even though he won't do your chores, we think Hero Droid BB-8 is a must have for Star Wars fans, and possibly the new best friend you didn't realize how badly you wanted. Currently, the retail price for Hero Droid BB-8 in stores is a little over $200, so if you've got the extra money and your kids have been really good this year, then you can't go wrong with Hero Droid BB-8! Click the link here to purchase your own Hero Droid BB-8: