Star Wars: Mark Hamill Provides Hilarious Addition to Unfinished Joke Meme

Another day, another new meme on Twitter. The latest big trend is the unfinished joke meme, which goes something like "I have a joke about [blank], but [blank]." Some examples include @astro_timpeake saying, “I have a joke about space, but it goes on a bit,” and @PJVogt writing, “I’ve got a joke about podcasts but everybody has one.” Another great addition is @MonicaLewinsky writing, “I have an intern joke and it... nevermind.” Another one of our favorites comes from Star Wars legend, Mark Hamill, who made a joke about his first moment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

"I had a joke about my lightsaber, but I tossed it away," Hamill wrote. Many people joined in with some great replies: “You'd tell it from a plane, but you're not a sky walker,” @cmclymer replied. “I have a joke about your lightsaber too, but it got out-of-hand,” @dlibyhlouis added. “I had a joke about Darth Vader but I find your lack of faith disturbing,” @Scientits wrote. You can check out Hamill’s tweet below:

Recently, Hamill revealed that he's had secret voice cameos in every Star Wars movie with the exception of the prequels. “Now that @themandalorian secret is out-might as well reveal I am vocally represented in ALL SW films except the Prequels. Thanks to @matthewood for using me in Rogue One, Solo & the Sequels, so I DO have lines in #EpVII. Hint: Look for parts played by Patrick Williams. #TrueStory," Hamill shared. Soon after sending that tweet, he clarified the pseudonyms for his roles in Solo and Rogue One. "It was never about billing (L-[Rogue One] R-[Solo]) or salary," Hamill shared on Twitter. "It was for fun & the fans & because I❤️#EasterEggs! I misremembered my pseudonym as 'Patrick Williams'-It was actually 'William M. Patrick' (for my older & younger brothers) I'm not telling what the M. stands for."

The Mandalorian probably won't be the last time Hamill provides a cameo in a Star Wars project, but it is very unlikely that we will ever see him play Luke Skywalker again in the franchise. While speaking with the Associated Press last year, Hamill did reveal that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker would probably his final appearance as Luke in Star Wars.

Most Star Wars films are currently available to stream on Disney+.