Star Wars: New Issue of 'Poe Dameron' Teases Pilot Has Force Abilities

One reason that Luke Skywalker is such a proficient pilot is that his abilities with the Force allow him to feel the presence of those around him and anticipate what moves he should make with his ship. In a recent issue of Marvel Comics' Poe Dameron, the pilot introduced in The Force Awakens shares that he might have similar abilities that audiences have yet to see manifest on screen.

The current arc of the series takes place after the events of The Last Jedi, with Poe, Rey, and Finn all getting to know each other better, with Poe regaling them with his past escapades. When describing the experience of attacking the First Order outside of Maz Kanata's castle, Poe recalled experiencing a strange energy.

poe dameron comic
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

After explaining the experience, Rey was quick to assume that Poe was connecting with the Force, resulting in the "energy" that he had tapped into. Poe, however, was quick to dispell that theory, only for Leia to offer her opinion.

poe dameron comic 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Throughout much of the Skywalker Saga, characters have been depicted as either definitively having abilities or not, using those abilities to become a Jedi or a Sith. Those films haven't depicted the larger scale of abilities of those sensitive with the Force who don't train to become Jedi or Sith.

With Rogue One, audiences met Chirrut Îmwe, a blind warrior and former Guardian of the Whills, who wasn't a Jedi but had a devout belief in the religion. While he might not have become a Jedi Master, his belief in the Force helped him achieve the impossible and granted him vision without the use of his eyes.

In The Last Jedi, Luke revealed that, despite his prowess with the Force, he was able to sever his connection with it and dampen his abilities. This reaction continued to demonstrate that one either has abilities or doesn't, though it also showed that an individual can take an active role in embracing those gifts.

Audiences don't expect to see Poe reveal to have powers are strong as Rey or Kylo Ren's, yet we won't be surprised to see that the reason Poe is a gifted pilot is his subconscious use of the Force.


Poe Dameron #27 is on sale now.

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