Po-Zu’s New ‘Star Wars’ Sneakers Are Covered in Porgs

Po-Zu is known for making high-end, ethically produced footwear, but they really started making [...]


Po-Zu is known for making high-end, ethically produced footwear, but they really started making waves when they first launched their Star Wars collection in May of last year. Since then they've added several styles to the collection, culminating in today's debut of their porg-themed sneaker.

The PORG sneakers are a unisex design that's made with an organic cotton canvas upper, a coconut husk and natural latex FootMattress and FSC certified Fairtrade rubber soles. So no actual porgs were harmed in the making of these sneakers. Obviously, that wouldn't exactly be in keeping with Po-zu's ethical business model.

The PORG sneakers are available to pre-order now from London-based Po-Zu with shipping slated for April 2018. Global shipping is free with orders of £75 ($105 US) or more. You can choose between the low-cut version for £59 ($82 US) and high-top £69 ($96 US).

Po-Zu notes that their porg sneakers are heading up their new Sri Lankan ethical line which sits "alongside Po-Zu's Portuguese range, complimenting the current product offering of high-quality leather and non-leather premium products, inspired by the footwear of main characters in the Star Wars films such as Rey, Finn, Chewbacca, and Poe." You can shop their entire Star Wars line of footwear right here. Again, global shipping is free on orders of £75 ($105 US) or more.

The Porg shoes are unisex, but if there are ladies out there that really want to go all out with a porg-themed outfit (and who wouldn't?), we suggest going with the porg sweater from Her Universe. There's also a porg cardigan and a matching skirt. Then you can round out the look with a porg back buddy backpack that's on sale for only $20.

Would all of this be a little over the top? You bet it would be. Let's do it.

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