Star Wars Creatives Are Interested in the Future of Jacen Syndulla

The series finale of Star Wars Rebels wrapped up the adventures of the makeshift family who [...]

The series finale of Star Wars Rebels wrapped up the adventures of the makeshift family who liberated Lothal, but it also set up many future stories in the galaxy far, far away.

While many people are interested in finding out what will happen with Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, and the missing Ezra Bridger, there is a lot of interest at the Lucasfilm office surrounding the young Jacen Syndulla.

Executive producer Dave Filoni spoke with io9 about the Rebels finale, revealing the character has a lot of potential in the eyes of other creatives working on Star Wars.

"I have not given a lot of thought to where that goes, to be honest," said Filoni. "That doesn't mean that we wouldn't in the future. I'm already getting asked internally a lot about it from people here [at Lucasfilm]. Creatives here. So that's good. I like that."

The name "Jacen" wasn't chosen haphazardly, and Filoni said it's meant to honor the canon fans grew to love.

"It seemed, in a very small way, naming him 'Jacen' was a way to honor the expanded universe character of Jacen Solo who just really isn't there anymore as the timelines have changed," Filoni said. "I thought that's a little bit of a wink to people that I know that was an important character. And maybe, in some way, that lives on through this character. I don't know yet."

Of course, "Jacen" originally belonged to Jacen Solo, twin of Jaina Solo, who was born to Han Solo and Leia Organa. The two would go on to become powerful Jedi, though Jacen would eventually turn and become an evil Sith Lord. Perhaps the young Syndulla's fate will turn out differently…

As far as the creation of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla's child, Filoni said it came organically over the course of the final season.

"[The idea of Jacen Syndulla] developed, really, through the fourth season as an idea I thought would be good and meaningful," Filoni said. "I talked to [development executive] Kiri Hart about it and she was pretty much the one person I confided this idea in, until we went to design him obviously."

It remains to be seen where the character will pop up next, but if the Lucasfilm team is excited about the character's future, chances are we haven't seen the last of young Jacen.

Fans can stream the series finale of Star Wars Rebels right now on Disney XD.

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