Star Wars: iZombie Star Teases Fans About Playing Rebels Character

Star Wars fans have been voicing their picks for actors they'd like to see join the galaxy far, [...]

Star Wars fans have been voicing their picks for actors they'd like to see join the galaxy far, far away for decades, but, in some cases, actors are fans themselves and toss their own hat into the ring for consideration, which is the case for iZombie star Rahul Kohli, who shared a string of posts about his interest in playing Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels. The remarks started as a simple tease, resulting in fans expressing their enthusiasm about such an opportunity, forcing him to not only clarify that he was merely joking with fans while also intentionally trolling them about such an opportunity existing.

"I've gotten into that Lothal orphan, force-sensitive, trained by Kanan Jarrus kind of shape. For no particular reason," Kohli initially shared on Twitter. "Seriously, for no particular reason."

Fans obviously knew this was a reference to Ezra Bridger, igniting excitement about the character finally coming to live-action. Given that rumors about such an event would be happening at some point in the franchise have spread across the internet since the conclusion of Star Wars Rebels in 2018, audiences thought the rumor was finally becoming a reality. The amount of attention Kohli earned for the tweets caused him to share a retraction.

"Oh f-ck, I was just goofing around. Where the f-ck is my publicist? Please take over my social accounts," the actor joked. Kohli then went on to say he was going to be logging off, but did so while sharing a photo of himself with a beard and fan art of Ezra with a beard, noting, "Gonna go hide for a while, my bad everyone. Have a lovely rest of the day."

Clearly seeing that his trolling was riling fans up, the actor went on to share an "apology" video.

"I was kidding, obviously. Big shout-out to the Star Wars fandom, I'm apart of it," Kohli expressed. "I'm not playing Ezra Bridger, at all, I was just goofing around. It's a fan-casting. I'd absolutely love to play that character, I'm a big fan of Rebels. I'm sorry for any hearts broken, I was just goofing around, just a silly fan-casting."

Even this video, however, further trolled fans, as the actor had the score for The Mandalorian playing underneath his "apology."

While fans might be disappointed to learn it was all a ruse, the bad news does come with the excitement of Kohli's passion for the character, and with Rosario Dawson expressing her interest in playing Ahsoka Tano for years and reportedly earning that opportunity, it could just be a matter of time before Kohli gets to bring Bridger to life.

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