Daisy Ridley Wanted to Cry After Watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars fans have been waiting for this week for a while now, and the movie is almost here. Now, one of the new trilogy's stars has had some time to reflect on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker after seeing it with a large audience. Daisy Ridley has been present for these premiere events and told Entertainment Tonight that the overall effect of seeing all of the Skywalker Saga come to an end is extremely overwhelming. The discourse has picked back up on Twitter as well, with many critics outright disliking the final product. That has fans all across the spectrum very angry and anxious heading into Friday's wider release in the United States. But, as with everything, this too will blow over at some point. According to Ridley, we all just need to enjoy the ride the best we can because there is a lot of emotion present in the end of this trilogy.

"We all sort of sat around a bit stunned," Ridley recounted. "And then I was trying to scurry off into the car to cry and [producer] Michelle Rejwan and [screenwriter] Chris Terrio were like, 'No, go on.' I was like, 'I don't want to cry in front of you! I just want to get in the car.'"

"It's, like, super snappy. So you're sort of so tuned in that we really didn't process it until the end," she added. "Then suddenly, you're like, 'Oh… oh my gosh,' … it's very overwhelming."

"I'm aware of the whole process [now], and I was more present the whole time," Ridley described how the busy press tour promoting the eagerly awaited end to this saga. "I feel more than ever it's out of my hands, because there's nothing I can do."

"It feels weird to take that step into sharing it," she concluded referring to The Rise of Skywalker. "Because it's ours [right] now, but then in like three hours it will be everyone else's."

Previously the actress had expressed hopefulness that the fans would find a lot to love about this conclusion. Also, Ridley expressed that this felt like a natural end for her character and the ones fans have come to love over the course of this trilogy.

"It feels strange when we're in a group doing things and people ask us how it feels because then you're like [as if in pain] Oh! And we genuinely all really do get along. So that's sad," Ridley told Variety. "But also, I think this story, from what we filmed, [screenwriter] Chris [Terrio] and J.J. have done such an amazing job at wrapping it up, it feels like the right time to say goodbye. So even though it's sad, it feels right. But cut to Dec. 20 when we're done, and I'm going to be like, 'Take me back!'"


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker slides into theaters on December 20th.