Rosario Dawson Still Wants to Join Star Wars as Ahsoka Tano

There are some Star Wars characters who fans will never forget. Sure, the Skywalker clan ranks high on that list, but there are other Jedi well worthy of remembrance. From Obi-Wan to Yoda, the list is an important one, and it also holds Ahsoka Tano. So if the Star Wars franchise is willing to explore the Jedi a bit more, one Hollywood actress would jump at the chance to play.

Over on Twitter, Rosario Dawson left fans cheering when she shared a tweet made by someone comparing her to Ahsoka. The release of The Mandalorian had thousands wondering if Anakin Skywalker's student would appear in the Disney+ series. With the timeline in mind, Ahsoka would be about 40 years old in The Mandalorian which fans believe Dawson suits best.

Clearly, the actress is a believer just like everyone else. She shared the post on her own page, writing, "Tell 'em" along with the hashtag Ahsoka Lives.

This is not the first time Dawson has shared her interest in Ahsoka and will hopefully not be the last. Back in 2017, the actress first signaled her interest online before telling fans which version of Ahsoka she loves the most. It turns out she is partial to Ahsoka from the Mortis arc, a story within The Clone Wars series which has become well know. It followed Ahsoka and her mentors as they went into a realm known as Mortis, and it was there the heroine absorbed a powerful Force conduit. So it does make sense that Dawson would want to explore this fan-favorite Star Wars arc for herself.

As far as we all know, Star Wars has no plans for Ahsoka in film, but that can always change. The heroine was briefly brought back in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as Ahsoka can be heard speaking to Rey as one of the Jedi through the Force. Her encouragement helped bring about the fall of Palpatine at last, but the jury is out on whether Ahsoka will appear in any other projects. But if she does toe into the world of live action, Dawson is clearly hoping to get a call from Disney and Lucasfilm.


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You can catch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters now. Disney+ is also streaming The Mandalorian in full as well as The Clone Wars and more.