Star Wars: Does Snoke's Vader Ring Tie Into 'Episode IX's Working Title?

Fans are busy searching Star Wars: The Last Jedi for clues that will tip them off to what will happen in Episode IX. Of the many fan theories out there right now, the leading topic is no doubt Snoke, and if/how the drastic turns for his character in The Last Jedi may be setting up a bigger reveal. The latest theory popping up on Reddit is an interesting one: It tries to connect a small put potentially important Episode VIII Easter egg for Episode IX.

As the Reddit poster HenrikVW states:

"After rewatching TLJ today and having seen some videos on the ring Snoke is wearing on his left hand that has obsidian from Vader castle (Star Wars Theory has a nice vid explaning it), I noticed something, that HAS to be a clue! After chopped in half and Hux coming into the room, we see his legs and the "rest" of the body fall of the throne. BUT if you look closely there's one part of Snoke's body that was still on the throne: The arm with the ring. It was still at the exact spot it was before he died. I highly doubt they would put this through production without a reason. Personally I don't think we have seen the last of Snoke. Any other ideas on what this could mean?"

A commenter is quick to point out that the current working title for Star Wars: Episode IX is "Black Diamond," which could be a connection to the ring Snoke is wearing in the aforementioned scene. Obsidian could be referred to as "black diamond," and the reference connecting Snoke and Vader further feeds into fan theories like the ones stating that Episode IX will bring the entire saga full-circle, by possibly bringing back some of the old Sith Lords.


What do you think: is there something to Snoke's Vader ring? Or are fans just looking too hard at this? Let us know what you think @ComicbookNow, and be sure to rate Episode VIII for yourself, below!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is not in theaters.